Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some sewing

Over at Heidi's blog she offered a kit for April's Friday Night Sew-In and I thought it was really cute. I sent for one and was planning on making it that night. Well, life got in the way and it didn't get made that night. I finished it today and love the way it came out. In fact I cut the canvas so frugally that I have enough to make another one, minus the roping. We supplied the lining also.

I'm going to carry it tomorrow for the 2010 Quilter's Fling Shop Hop my friend and I are going to go on. It is 13 shops in 13 days. I haven't done one of these in a long time. I am looking forward to visiting shops I have never been to before!

I also was working on one of the granddaughters quilts....finally putting the blocks into rows and soon the rows will be the quilt flimsy.

The red fabric will be an outer border and the ladybug fabric will be the back. I want to practice on small quilt sandwiches doing stippling before I attempt these quilts for the Grands. Barney the beagle needs a small quilt and I think his will be a practice also....just pieces of fabric sandwiched, no piecing for Barneys.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little sun and some thunderstorms

It was a good Sunday because I did a little sewing and plan on doing more when I am done with this post. We had sun this morning and mild temps, but storms this afternoon. I love sewing when it is raining!
I wanted to share this picture of grandson, Graham, who got student of the month for 7th grade. We were invited to share the honors and a lite breakfast Friday morning at his middle school. We love you, Graham!

This came in the mail this past week and I started reading it. Love her books and have read all of them....in fact, I own all of them too!

I just got under the wire with Jelly Roll Block #4. This one was pretty simple and yet very striking, I think.

I really love this fabric, Verna. I haven't worked with such bold colors on such a large project, but I really am loving them. There will be sashing between blocks and they will really stand out and shout summer!! Can't wait for #5.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Poor little Oliver had a run in with the edge of his wooden toybox!! At 2 1/2 he has acquired his first shiner. He's a toughy though....love you Olvie!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guild Meeting

Last night was Quilt Guild meeting and this was the block I stitched for April....guess what, I didn't win the blocks this month either.

We started bringing gifts for our secret sister this month and this is what I got. The piping is wrap and fuse piping that looks really easy to apply. I just love the purse pattern. I read through it already and really want to make this soon....love it. And a little "sampler" of Frolic by Moda....love that line a lot too! Of course a gift wouldn't be complete without chocolate!

We had a hands on demo for the blanket stitch. I have done it before, but I always have problems with getting it started and looking good. I learned the right way last night. And we have a needle case in the end!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mia loves to sew!

Last week was Spring Break for the grandkids and Mia went to our LQS for 3 days of sewing. On Wednesday there was 3 girls and they made pajama pants. Her fabric is really cute and she had a ball sewing from 9-2....with a salad lunch provided! Aren't these cute?

For Thursday and Friday the other 2 girls couldn't be there, so Mia had a one on one class with the 2 owners. One of them on Thursday and the other one on Friday. The class was to be a Mother's Day gift....I wish it was a Grandmother's Day gift. It is a gorgeous tabletopper! I am sure she had help, but she does follow directions well annnndddd she even got to use the longarm machine to quilt it. She has her name quilted in and the date! I am so proud of her! She is going to be surpassing me with her skills....I have never used a longarm! The binding is on and pinned and she is now doing the handwork at home. Mom knows about it....she couldn't wait!

She won't be 10 until June!! She started sewing on my lap when she was 6....great job, sweetie!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cold Sewing

This morning the temperature was 37 deg. after having a high of 86 deg. several days ago. I knew we weren't going to maintain those high temps in April, but it actually feels bitter this morning. Got a picture of my grape hyacinths with my new forsythia shoots in the background.

These are the blossoms on our Cleveland Pear tree....very early for these to be out this much.

A couple of tulip blossoms closed really tight this morning.

These are blossoms on the Bradford Pear....again a really early blossom time this year. Both of these pear trees do not bear fruit, just lovely blossoms in the Spring.

I hadn't sewed in several days...I was a little bummed because my sewing room was a disaster and I didn't have the drive to get it clean....until last evening! Some of my "bakery" in a blanket bag.

Some of my stash behind closed doors again. The piles are a little wonky, but still put away.

Mat is clear for action!

Sewing machine table and machine are cleared.

I may start this on the weekend or I might finish putting together one of the grandkids quilts. This layer cake will be used for Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along. I did not start when she began posting the patterns, but I really love the patterns and will work at my own pace.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Warm Easter

Easter was gorgeous in NE Ohio yesterday. We don't always have nice weather even if Easter is later in April. One of our April Easters saw the kids in winter coats and gloves hunting for eggs. Grandpa always writes up clues for each of the grandkids and they follow these around the yard for the next clue hidden in an egg. At the end of each of their searches is their basket with sweets and also an extra "gold" treat! Here is Oliver, the youngest, and his eggs are within easy reach...he loved it!

Mia retrieving another egg clue.......

Ethan and one of his clues......


By the end of the day it was time to get silly and I looked a little "strained" at this point. Lots of food and family....good times.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is just PART of three different giveaways to be drawn tomorrow, April 5th, over at Adventures in Alice Land....really some neat things!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter weekend. May you be with loved ones and/or enjoying something that makes you feel extra special. Hopefully there will be lots of food and sweets involved too!