Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is the 22nd of the month and it is just my Happy New Year post.  I guess I am a little slow for this new year of 2012.  By the way, I am now calling the year "twenty twelve".  I like the sound of that better. ;o)  This was one of my first pics of the year....Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal....we always see them in couples here in Ohio.

I know that I should be concentrating on finishes.  I did finally get this guy done last night.  Now to make him into a pillow with wool borders and backing.

But, I am going to be starting some really fun stuff with my Material Girls Quilt Guild.  We are sewing pillowcases for Chelsea Cares for our local Children's Hospital and also for Deployed Military.  We will turn these in in Feb. and March.  Then we are starting a Row by Row type of round robin.  You pick the fabrics you want and the width of the row (not to exceed 54") and make the first row.  Then we will pass it along to the others in our "group" to make rows that width.  These 30's prints will be the inspiration for mine.

We are also going to be making HST's using these papers (like thangles).  We can turn in however many we want over the course of this year.  A cream and dark print will be used by all.  We don't cut them, just turn them in and in Nov. we will get back an assortment of perfectly sewn hst's to make whatever we want with them.  Lots of yummy scraps from everyone.

All of these new things are voluntary, but seems like lots of fun will be had this coming year.   I can't believe that decorating for this next holiday is coming soon.  Yikes!