Thursday, March 29, 2012

Retreat Fun

Two weekends ago my sewing buddy, Sandy, and I went to our annual quilting retreat. A great time in Amish country....the Inn at the Amish Door. This is a beautiful hotel and a great restaurant on the same premises. Our conference room/sewing space is on the third floor and a fun time was had by all. Women sewing, eating and laughing...what more could you ask for?  We were given treats each day thanks to our leader, Mary, and her helpers. The bag behind my machine was in the first day goodie bag...along with cute little scissors and a handmade lanyard to hang them on.

I had made this little pincushion at home to take,  thanks to Kim's tutorial.  By the way, I now love Crate and Barrel!

These were our treat bags on Saturday, St. Patrick's Day.

Some shots of the room.

A few of the gals shopped for quilted fabric to make sewing machine pads with pockets for under their machines.  Here are Sherry's, Mary's and Roberta's.

On of the gals that works a lot with wool made this for our head lady, Mary....simply gorgeous!

Some of the many projects in progress on Saturday.

More great pictures to come......btw, wish I was heading to another retreat this weekend....hmmm!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Guild Meeting

Almost two weeks ago we had the big reveal for our year long Round Robins.  Last year the gals started passing around their "pizza boxes" with their starting centers and any fabrics they wanted used for their quilt/wallhanging.  Very intimidating for me...hence no participation from moi!  They are all beautiful and I applaud all of the creativity.
I do have to admit that I did not get the owner matched with the quilt on most of these pictures. I apologize to all the gals.  The centers were started by the owner....or the off center parts.  They all finished beautifully.

All of the border dresdens were made by one person on the next quilt.....our "over achiever".....beautiful work, Carol!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring on Schedule in Ohio?

It has been such a long time since I have blogged.  A lot has happened since my last post, including an overnighter in the hospital for what I thought could be cardiac problems.  Women's symptoms are so different that I decided I needed ER and they decided I needed to stay 24 hours with lots of blood work, EKG's and a lovely stress test. I passed all.  Thank goodness.
Just before that, granddaughter, Mia and I made pillowcases for our guild who was collecting for Chelsea Cares at our local Children's Hospital and also for soldiers deployed overseas.  We had fun.

Then next was our guild meeting to reveal our round robins that had been going around since last year at this time.  Pictures to come soon of that.  But what the real talk around here is, is the weather.  We have had very mild temps lately and the last week in the 80's.  Let me just say that set records!  It is really Spring around here.  We have things blooming that usually don't bloom  until April or even sometimes May!  I even had to go digging for the capris and short sleeve tops....that was a hoot!  Here are some of the gorgeous colors in our yard.