Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mail Call

Yesterday's mail arrived and with it was a box wrapped in brown paper from Oklahoma.  I knew it was my partner, Linda, from the Santa Sack Swap....yippee, my first delivery of six before Christmas.  Look at this gorgeous sack and I put the 2 gifts for this month in and pulled the cording tight so I wouldn't peek.  I LOVE surprises, so I wouldn't peek anyway.

This is a gorgeous Yucca plant that we have, but I hate it!  Hubby is the one that keeps it living around here....the flowers are beautiful, but they don't last long and then you have all of these blooms laying on the concrete sidewalk and bare stalks.  Messy, oh so messy!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Yeah, I'm here!

I have just added the new, updated blogger to my blog.  I know, I'm a little behind the times here.  This is sort of a test post to help me get the feel of things....I think it is going to take awhile.  I can't type the dialog on my post when the pics are in the thumbnail box....oh well, I guess I will figure it out.  This I am still working is a lot further along, but I refuse to take another pic until it is finished.
And now I can't get space between my pics.  Yikes.....  I did find out that I loved what is in the cup at the bottom of this post....even though I don't like coffee.  Go figure, the story of my life lately.
P.S. DD#1 had an emergency appendectomy 10 days ago and DD#2 tore her meniscus in her left knee and is in a brace.  The excitement never ends.