Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heading West

We decided to take an extra day of travel on our way out to see our son and his family in Oklahoma City. I had never been up in the St. Louis Arch, so that was something we were going to do. This is a shot standing underneath it on a beautiful Autumn day.

Here I am up in the top middle sitting on the carpeted seats that you can lay on to view thru the windows. I was surprised at how small this area was...and the only part of the arch with actual windows.
Hubby took a minute from picture taking to pose for me.

I thought this was one of the best pictures that I took. I loved the look of the lake/pond and how the shape showed up so high. I didn't realize until I looked at the picture afterwards that the shadow of the Arch showed.....very cool. We were VERY high!

Security was very tight....which I really don't mind. The line was not long for the checking of everything, but it still took a little time....especially when your hubby carries everything but the kitchen sink in his pockets. He ALWAYS sets off the scanners you walk through even when he has practically undressed. It was exactly the same type of procedure as the airport.
When we purchased our tickets for going up in the Arch the gal asked if we were claustrophobic....I didn't really understand until I was confronted with this "pod" that you ride up in. All I can say is that you were very CLOSE with strangers. Our strangers were a lovely couple with their son...going up and coming back down. If they are reading this, hope your new job in Virginia goes well and you don't miss Nevada too much!


Terry said...

Beautiful view from up there! I could never do it though...I'm totally claustrophobic!!

Julia said...

That's amazing Sandy..
I would love to do that!
Julia ♥

Beth said...

So glad that you took the time to go up in the Arch. Isn't it cool? I was a bit freaked out by the pod ride. Thank god for the little windows that allowed you to see the inside of the arch. Knowing there were stairs you could use, if needed, made it ok for me. Heights and small spaces never use to bother me - but then you start to get old!

Hope you had a great visit in OK!

Anonymous said...

I recall riding up to the top in that egg-shaped little car and feeling the strangeness of it all and once I was on top I couldn't wait to get out of there. I can't explain it but I didn't like it. Wish I'd had my camera then so I'd have photos. This was quite some years ago. I can now enjoy your photos instead!