Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodies from Missouri

Traveling out to Oklahoma, I made sure I had my trusty (but might have errors in it) quilt shop directory. A thick book chocked full of quilt shop ads and how you can find them! I wouldn't go off your main route too much though without calling ahead first. We have gotten to empty store fronts a time or two.
This one was right off I-70 in Columbia, Mo. A great stop with lots of friendly ladies inside!

I asked about picture taking and was told that they are pretty open to anything so it was not a problem. They had lots to offer and a huge classroom. The storefront doesn't look really big, but it is quite large inside.

Every colorway had a lot to offer...bolts and bolts. Their samples were everywhere and very inspiring.

And this is what I bought. The black and pink yardage is from Lakehouse Fabrics.... I love every piece I have ever seen produced by them. They were on sale too! I was thinking a purse would look pretty in this fabric. Some Halloween goodies, a couple charm packs that looked interesting (I love working with the pre-cuts) and then an assortment of fat quarters.
I held back from buying too much because I knew the pie'ce de resistance was waiting for me in Oklahoma City!

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I've been to this shop once too Sandy and the people were really nice. Have a safe trip! blessings, marlene