Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Saturday

When I stepped onto the front porch this morning I was greated by more Morning Glories.....they really are blooming a lot lately....must like cooler nights because that is definitely what we have had lately.....low 50's, high 40's the last several nights!

Here is the backside of grandson, Ethan. He didn't get his picture included for Saturday football several weeks ago, so here he is tonight...a 7 P.M. game and believe me it was pretty chilly by game's end....50's!

This was the gorgeous sunset that was happening in Wayne County as we were watching the game....what colors! And they won too!!!


Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Sandy,
Your flowers are beautiful. I know the feeling of cold football games. Our daughters have been on the danceline team for football halftime. I've learned to bundle up, bring blankets and those hand warmers. I've been meaning to tell you, that I love the family pictures on your side bar...just great!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love morning glories! They remind me of being a kid visiting my grandparents farm with my mom and sister. There were morning glories that grew right next to the mailbox on a hillside my Granddad always said that way he got to look at them while getting his paper in the mornings.

Oh such beauty!

I hope you and yours are well!! You have such a wonderful looking family!

Jennifer said...

In Australia morning glories are considered a weed.....they just keep growing....and growing.....until they choke a whole fence or backyard shed! We don't have the cold climate to stop them once they get started.
Love the sunset!

Pat said...

Lovely flowers and gorgeous sunset and great "butt photo" at the football game. (Hard to get anything BUT a "butt" photo at those games, isn't it?)

Terry said...

Morning glories are so pretty! I need to find a place to plant some next year! :0)

Linda said...

Hi Sandy, Our nights are getting colder as well. We woke up these last two mornings to frost. But it does not take long to burn off once the sun comes out. We may hit 64 today. Isn't it great to get out and watch the kids. I was at my grandaughters soccer game yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I love morning glories, my dad grew them when I was a small kid. He wasn't a gardener but he grew simple things and that was all I was exposed to. My grandson decided to quit football (age 6) so I'm glad I went to that one game that I saw. His favorite part was "pushing the other kid", typical for a kid that age I guess.

Shiree said...

your garden flowers are lovely Sandy, and that morning sun is beautiful!!