Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some favorite things.

I promised to show you a picture of the neat quilt shop by the lake. I wanted to take lots of pics inside the shop but planned on asking first. Well, when I was standing by the cutting table waiting for "my order" to be cut I glanced up and there on the wall was a fairly large sign stating no photos because of copyright laws for all of the samples that they have hanging. I looked around the store and there wasn't any area that I could have taken a pic that wouldn't include one or more samples. With that, I didn't even bother to ask. Maybe if I was a regular it would be ok....but, I'm not. Still....I love that store and everything in it!

When I was walking around the trailer I noticed this flower....I did not plant it and we have owned the trailer since 2004 and I don't remember seeing this one before. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Finally petunias.....every year I plant them and every year I say "not next year"....especially because of all the dead-heading you have to do to keep them looking nice. But I LOVE the flower and all of the vibrant colors. This is a hanging basket by the front door....and I probably will have them again next year too!!


Terry said...

I could be wrong, but I think the white flower might be garlic chives. They reseed fairly freely so a seed could have come in from anywhere. Your petunias are the same color as mine! :0)

TattingChic said...

Oh, What a bummer about the pics, but I can see their point. I love little shops like that. There's a needlework shop down by the beach where I live and they have fabulous yarns and every kind of needlework notion under the sun - including tatting shuttles and thread! WOO HOO! :)

Pat said...

If you can get "Wave" petunias in your area, they do NOT have to be deadheaded and they are wonderful!!! They are a bit pricier than other petunias, but it's worth it as they are very showy and much easier since you don't have to "mess" with them other than regular watering. If you give them plant food, they will REALLY take off and produce masses of flowers!

Jennifer said...

Petunias are so pretty - they look like little dancers in the breeze.

Eileen said...

awe. Too bad there are no pictures of the quilt shop. But I've been in places like that before. Oh well.

I was hoping somebody would know what the white flowers are. Terry should know!

Zlaty said...

My mother in-law was recently in that shop and she loved it! I wish i could see pictures of it, but oh well. We were recently in Chicago and stopped at two shops in IN, one of them "Caroline's cottage cottons" I really love!

Happy sewing!