Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today, as in most Saturdays in the Fall, we spent the afternoon watching our 2 grandsons, Graham, age 12 and his brother Ethan, age 11 play (what we used to call) PeeWee Football. This is Graham's 5th and last year in the league. He will get a HUGE trophy for playing 5 years and will have to be on the Middle School's team next year if he continues to play. He is below....#77. They always have their backs to you!!

I didn't think about the camera during Ethan's game, so sorry E-man, no picture of you this week. I did include the cute cheerleaders. They cheer their hearts out even if most of the people paying attention to them are only their parents....good job girls!

When we got home and I parked the car in the driveway I spotted this little "self seeder" in the gravel of the drive. A sweet little purple petunia....don't remember if I even had this color last year, certainly not this year. Things like this truly amaze me and I marvel at the miracle of nature and the cycle of seeds....wherever they may drop from!

And along with putting my quilt together, I am working on these for something special....can't say now though....stay tuned.


Terry said...

Love the littlest cheerleaders in that picture! Love the yarn too! :0)

Sara said...

I loved watching T play youth football! Love their colors!

Sorry I have been MIA! can't wait to see what the yarn is!!

blushing rose said...

You can't call it pee wee anymore because it will give them a stigma, so I've been told.

I love watching the wee ones playing sports ... the cheerleaders are adorable.

Enjoy your weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

Jennifer said...

Self-sewn plants have a mind of their own! We have a 20YO jacaranda tree in our backyard that was's quite large now and still growing.

Miss 376 said...

Lovely looking yarn, look forward to seeing what it is

Steve said...

Here we go Bobcats, Here we go!!!