Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eye Candy

Don't these look yummy? I am in a Kona Solids swap and I just sent these off to the head swapper today....I just love the look of solids!
This is a "big board". I really love it....made by Karen's husband. She is from my quilt guild and a great longarm quilter. Her hubby made several (10?) of these out of great wood....all stained and everything. My hubby and I covered mine. I have pressed my finished quilt from retreat and what a dream to do it on a large area! It comes off the regular ironing board and stands in the corner. ;o)

I can't believe how swollen the maple tree buds have gotten recently....maybe Spring is coming after all!

I wish I was going here tomorrow!


Terry said...

How big is that board you iron on Sandy? Does it stay pretty well on your ironing board?

Barb said... are right, such eye the big board.....

Jennifer said...

Looks like spring is nearly sprung - hope it isn't too long now for you!

Stephanie said...

What a fun swap...wonder what you'll be doing with the solids. Your new board is perfect for ironing quilts. Yippee for Spring...magnolias about to open here.

Maria said...

Lovely eye candy indeed.
Great ironing board.