Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guild Meeting

We had quilt guild meeting tonight and this was our block to make for this month. There were a lot of beauties and again......I did not win them!

We also revealed the Round Robins that had been going around for the past year. These were so fantastic...everyone different. The "owner" of the quilt is on the left in these pictures and the gal on the right is the one that had that quilt last. The center block or panel was put in a pizza box with any other fabrics they wanted used and then the boxes were passed around. This center applique was gorgeous!

This center panel was a girl feeding chickens....I didn't zoom in on this one!

They didn't keep the quilt open long enough was so cool. The owner made a vase on a "table" background. There were then flowers added by someone broderie perse.

Round robins are fun.....definitely!!


Valentina said...

What gorgeous quilts! And I am amazed how different they all look!
Thank you so much for sharing, and sorry you didn't win... :(
Maybe next time?
Greetings from Cyprus

Miss 376 said...

What an inspiring group and what a striking block

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. I love seeing R.R. quilts although I've never done one.

Maria said...

What beautiful quilts your group have made.
Seems funny that you are all wearing winter clothes. It is 10pm here and I still have the air con on as it has been so hot.

Barb said...

Sorry you didn't win....but I truly loved all the quilts you showed!!

Sharon said...

I love Round is so much fun to see the results! Thanks for sharing your groups wonderful quilts.