Thursday, November 12, 2009

Early presents!

Last night we had our Christmas Party for our local quilt guild. We don't meet in December, so we have it early. It was a really nice dinner and get together at a local restaurant, The River Styx Grille at Blue Heron. I came away with a lot of goodies. First I won one of five door prizes. Very cool.
Next we revealed to each other who our secret sister was for the last year. Here is my sweet gift from my secret sister, Peggy....another cute project for Christmas and lots of chocolate!
We each brought a gift, a nice one, for each other. You didn't have to sign your name to it and we played a game where we passed it right or left as our leader read a story with the words right and left in it. The gifts traveled around the circle until the story was done and whatever gift you had at the end was yours to keep. This is what I, what a great evening!


Miss 376 said...

What lovely gifts, just have to think of some wonderful projects to do now.

Linda said...

I saw that quilt finished in a shop up north figgy pudding, I took a picture of it and my doughter loved it since is was so contemporary. maybe next year. Love your great gifts

Anonymous said...

What awesome gifts!