Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Odds and Ends.

I love Morning Glories.....hope they get loads of blossoms!

Here is what to do on a hot day! Grandsons and a buddy in their pool.

These guys (or a couple) are cooling off too....on the roof....spread your wing and let the breezes flow! He just sat there like that for the longest time!

Thought I would share these pictures of our poodle, Jackson, before his grooming and then a week later after he got his "pretties". He always looks 10 pounds heavier with all of those curls. We always laugh (not in front of him..lol) about how he looks right after he is clipped. He is a sweetie and just had his first birthday a couple of weeks ago.


Steve said...

Put gel in Jackson's hair to get it spiked on top of his head!

Terry said...

Jackson looks so pretty after he's been groomed! Good of you not to laugh in front of him! LOL

Tudy said...

He does not look like the same dog.

Pat said...

I, too, love morning glories and had them last year......didn't get any this year...maybe next summer!