Sunday, July 19, 2009


Earlier this summer my good friend, Terry, brought me some of her gorgeous perennials that she had divided from her yard. They are established here now and starting to bloom. This first picture is Rose of Sharon...I just love the delicate color combination.

This next plant is a Butterfly Bush....also in bloom. However, for some reason I always pictured a Butterfly Bush to have red blooms....maybe there are different I way off base, Terry??
These are cosmos that I just scattered seeds this year. I really love this flower and they self seed sometimes for the following year. I would love to have an English garden with many, many perennials that just flowed in the breeze like these do.

This plant I discovered at the garden center this year. I thought I kept the tag for it, but can't find it. It looks like it should be a perennial (on the order of mums), but it is actually an annual.
I really like it and maybe if I'm lucky it will come back next year also! ;o)


Terry said...

I'm glad things are growing so well for you Sandy! That rose of sharon is beautiful up close! And the yellow blooms are black eyed susans that must have snuck in with the butterfly bush! LOL The butterfly bush will bloom white or pink or purple.

Vintage Sandy said...

Pretty pretties here is that site you tried to go too on mine
I fixed it on mine

Pat said...

I was going to answer you about the butterfly bush and the black-eyed susans but I see your friend already did that. I have two butterfly bushes....a pink one and a purple one....and both draw lots of butterflies and even some hummingbirds, on occasion.

Steve said...

I miss my Roses of Sharon that we had at our Owasso house. There were blooms for most of the summer and they grew pretty quickly.

Serena said...

Your flowers are just beautiful! I love Rose of Sharon. My mom just planted two this year in her yard. I would but I fear the deer would devour them.

TattingChic said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love that Rose of Sharon. :)