Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun, fun day.

This is my sweet granddaughter, Mia. She turned 9 on the 6th of this month and she is a joy to be around. Her kindness and maturity never cease to amaze me. She spent the night last night after her softball game and we had some fun times together. She decided to clean for me. She did a really good job in the smelled very fresh when she was done. She also wanted to do a load of laundry here, to get her uniform clean for the next game, so I let her do a load of darks with the uniform. She did it all....after a little instruction on my machines....she even folded and helped me put away. She did have a motive for all of this was to earn a little cash for vacation. I did give her some and she will save it for another week until we leave. Oh, and she brushed one of the dogs for us also...the shedder, Barney!

Both of these pictures were taken today at dinnertime when we met her mom (DD, Amy) and little brother, Oliver for dinner. He is getting so big....will be 2 in September.

It was a good sewing with Mia this time, although I did trace some of the BOM embroideries that I am doing and she asked if she could do that. I think I will find an easy design to let her try. She already knows how to do the backstitch.


Beth said...

I meant to call you all day but now it's too late. We are going to be @ my parents and doing a trip to the outlet mall in the am. If your around we'd love to swing by and show you the kids for a quick stop. After all Amanda is now 2!! :). I'll call in the morning!

Miss 376 said...

Always nivce to have a bit of help, even if there is an alterior motive