Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gorgeous Weather

Since I'm still not feeling very good today and can't work out in the yard like I would like too, I went outside armed with my camera instead and took these photos of some great color.
The first shot is Grape Hyacinths. They border our front in the spring and multiply like crazy! Then of course is the cute little pansy face....they are such an old fashioned flower and I just love them.


Tudy said...

I love spring flowers that just seem to appear out of no where.

Hope you feel better soon.

PunkiePie said...

I found some of my flowers hidden under the fallen leaves today as I was raking out the garden. Amelia just loved finding the hidden treasures like that. I hope to get to the flower shop tomorrow to get some pansies to bring some quick color to my garden.

Jennifer said...

Such pretty flowers - I hope they cheer you up and make you feel better soon.

Sara said...

I do hope you start feeling better soon, but with the rain that is coming it will be good to be inside!

Love the flowers!

Ryan said...

Ohio is a few weeks ahead of us in the growing season and it sure shows!

Great pictures Sandy. I like the idea of using a crock for a planter.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Steve said...

I remember sitting on the porch once when it was cold, and you told me I would get rickets!