Monday, February 13, 2012

My Weekend

I am very much in love with the series Downton Abbey on PBS.  I started watching last month when Season 2 began.  I was able to decipher most of the characters but not the stories that surround them.  I just had to have Season 1.  I watched all 7 episodes on the weekend and have started watching Season 2 over again thanks to the free downloads on PBS (for Season 2 anyway).  I will be so disappointed when this current season is done....hopefully a third??

And an update on our amaryllis.


Carrie P. said...

My daughter has been watching them all on the internet too. She really likes the show. Some ladies at work told her how much they loved the show and that is how she got started. I have not seen any of it yet.

Jennifer said...

My previous choir used to sing a song "Adieu Sweet Amaryllis" written in the late 1500s! Downton Abbey has been on here, but for some reason we didn't watch it.