Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Fun

The Oklahoma son and family were here this past week.  What fun we had with them. Guess where we were on Thursday?

Yep, the Christmas Story is right up in Cleveland, about 40 minutes from us.  It was really a lot of fun with the kids....and the big kids, us, also.

Grandpa and son having fun with the major award.  The actor that played Randy was at the house to answer questions and pose for pictures.

Remember the bib with the mashed potatoes scene?

Our "Randys" being afraid that the Old Man was gonna kill Ralphie!

They have a small museum of memorabilia from the movie.  So fun to see the actual outfits, toys and pictures from the making of the movie.

It was a fun day.....ending with dinner at the Great Lakes Brewing Company.  And here is my souvenir from the Christmas Story gift shop.....of course there was a gift shop!   And they are headed back to Oklahoma already....visit, too short!


Barb said...

That does sound like a lot of fun.

Happy New Year!!!

~Laurie~ said...

My hubby loves this movie - he thought the pictures were "cool!" Thanks for sharing :)

Happy New Year :)

Linda said...

One of our favorite Christmas movie! If we ever get to Cleveland, we will definitely go see this! Love your night lite!
Linda in OK

Stephanie said...

Fun. We giggle every time we see the word "fragile."

Pat said...

I didn't know they had turned that house into a museum...sounds like a fun way to spend the day!

Linda said...

Hi stranger. Boy would my dh sure love that place. We have that lamp on our bar as well as a small one that hangs off out truck mirror.
Looks like you guys had a blast.

Marie said...

I am so jealous!!! Can't believe there is an actual house from A Christmas Story that you can visit! What fun!

dls said...

Thanks for sharing.... loved seeing the photos of the "house"! The movie is a favorite of ours!