Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great Stuff

Last evening we had our Material Girls Quilt Guild Christmas party. It is early, but we don't meet in December, so it is on our November meeting night. We had a really nice dinner and a lot of laughter at a nearby restaurant. Our secret sisters were revealed and this is what I received from Judith. A darling wool ornament kit, a gift card and of course chocolate. Thank you Judith for a fun year of great gifties!

We also have a guild exchange. We have a game that we play and the gifts get sent here, there and everywhere. I picked this one and nobody else took it from me. This is the "gift wrap" and one of the reasons I grabbed it.

When we finally opened our gifts, this is what was inside....I was overwhelmed and felt very lucky! Thank you, Carol for your exceptional sewing skills and generosity! I don't really need anything else for Christmas after bringing these gifts home with me!

And on a side note, a girl can never have enough this fabric!


Linda said...

Lovely gifts. You are a lucky girl.Bliss has been very popular.

Marie said...

Oh, Sandy - seems like you got the best gift of all. How smart of Carol to package it that way.

Hugs - Marie

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Miss 376 said...

What a lovely gift,beautiful

Tudy said...

Great early Christmas gift. How lucky you were.

Anonymous said...

sooo happy for you Momma! Nice gifts! ;-) I'll bet you were happy!