Monday, October 25, 2010

Tidbits, but no Sewing

Haven't done much stitching lately. It has been pretty busy around here with "stuff" that doesn't include sewing. Going to remedy that in the next couple of days. Did take some cool pics, so here they are. An empty Bald Eagle's nest....very large and very high in this tree...about 5 minutes from our house!

Our home team won yesterday! Only their 2nd win of the season and they beat the Super Bowl champs, New Orleans. It had to be because I was wearing my team shirt!

This is Oliver this morning with the newspaper. Maybe if you enlarge the picture you can see the headlines.

I love the combination of these two......sweet and salty....yummy!

Jackson got a haircut today and a Halloween bandana.

And this is what I hope to sew tomorrow.


Miss 376 said...

Doesn't he look so grown up!
Hope you have a good sewing day today

Terry said...

Please wear your Browns shirt for their next game!! LOL

PunkiePie said...

I haven't even looked at the BOM blocks yet. I think I hid them on myself. LOL.

AmyK said...

That Olvi is somethin else.. ;-)