Friday, September 10, 2010

Ugly Fat Quarters

Several months ago our Quilt Guild announced an Ugly Fat Quarter Challenge. Next meeting we were to bring one, put it in a bag with our name on it and take someone elses bag to make something from their ugly fabric. It could be anything you wanted....large or small. September meeting we were to reveal our, what a bunch of winners! Mary made a journal cover for her partner...FQ was the plaid.

Karen made this notions caddy and adorable pincushion for her partner....the yellow was the ugly fabric. She even put some notions in it!

This gals ugly FQ was the flower centers and darling butterfly....I think maybe the binding too.

The center fabric was the ugly FQ for this tablerunner.

This travel case was made with the brown stripe being the ugly FQ. (Sorry I am not remembering the gals that stitched some of these)

Shirley made this pincushion caddy using the purple abstract fabric from her looks darling now with that purple dot.

Carol outdid herself for her partner....the ugly FQ was one of the lighter blues in the center area. Gorgeous!

Judith stitched up this darling kitty pincushion from her fabric....the green looks darling now.

Another Judith made this utility bag for her partner. The ugly was one of the verical stripes in the bag.

This gal made a casserole carrier complete with casserole dish and wooden spoon. Inside center is the recepients favorite quilt block....Carol's Star. The ugly is the binding and the "sunburst" stripes in the star block.

Karen also outdid herself for her partner....another quilt.....the ugly fabric is the dull purple color in the blocks.

Carol's ugly fabric was the blue and her partner made her some great oven mitts.

Karen's ugly FQ was the pineapple fabric and so her partner made her pineapple hot pads....too cute!

It was a fun challenge. I didn't do it this time, but they are going to repeat sometime and I am sure going to join in then!


Julia said...

What a creative bunch of ladies! great projects.

Barb said...

Wow, I sure had fun looking at all the photos and the creativity involved. Now that one quilt was totally stunning.

Terry said...

Great stuff! I love how another person can look at a fabric and figure out what to do with it! :0)

Stephanie said...

How fun! Very generous and talented group of ladies. Very challenging too working with "ugly" fabric.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Isnt it amazing that one person can see the possibility in a piece of fabric when another cant?

I love these sort of challenges. You've got me thinking now about all my ugly fabric.

Miss 376 said...

They've all come up with some fantastic items. Looks like a fun time was had by all

Jennifer said...

What a fun idea!

Carrie P. said...

wow, those ladies sure are creative. I can't believe some made whole quilts. What a nice surprise for those ladies.
Thanks so much for stopping by blog and leaving a kind comment on my husband's table.

The Tile Lady said...

A fun challenge! Looks like everyone did well with it!