Tuesday, May 4, 2010


May is a good month. In NE Ohio it is the time to think about planting seeds, putting out your hanging baskets and maybe planting the delicate garden produce (tomatoes, peppers, etc) by the end of the month. You never know when you will get a frost around here at night. For instance our high predicted for this coming Saturday is only 49 deg. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 80 deg. See what I mean?
Anyway, I have always loved May....it contains my birthday and also starting 39 years ago, Mother's Day for me. May's flower is Lillies of the Valley. They are soooo fragrant and so delicate. I have had the same ones growing in my yard since we have moved here....and that is 32 years ago. They really multiply (underground roots) and can take over like a weed. In fact I got the starts of these from my bil's house....he just mowed them down and I dug what I wanted. I have kept mine under control and love a vase or two every Spring!


Terry said...

That reminds me...I need to go out and pick some lily of the valley to bring inside! :0)

Maria said...

Your Lily of the Valley look divine.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and Birthday this Month. Sandy.
It would have been my Mum's birthday too this month.

Laurie said...

Lily of the valley remind me of my Grandma...she passed away a very long time ago but the memory lives on with Lily of the valley...in her garden they even grew through the black coating on the drive and paths.