Saturday, March 7, 2009


Our weather the last few days has really been teasing us for Spring. We have had a hard winter and these days of 50's and 60's have been welcome. Even today with the cloudiness and wind, it was almost 70 degrees. This makes me forget that it is only March 7th and alot can happen around here in March and even April. One of our biggest snowstorms was the first week in April in the 1980's when our kidlets were on Spring Break!
But I am itching to start decorating for Spring/Easter, so I am going to start regardless of the date. Some of the things I cherish the most are decorations that I have made over the years....just learning to do a specific craft, etc. The bunnies are torn pieces of pretty paper napkins and I think glue over paper mache. It wasn't Mod Podge, I know that.

The ceramic basket was made by my FIL in 1980. He loved to do ceramics and I have many, many pieces done by him. Most were given at Christmas and the other holidays. Sometimes he would just give something for the heck of it. I will be posting the various items as the different holidays come along. The bunny doll is just sitting in the basket for a minute to show off my great crafting skills from way back in the 1980's also! Usually candy sits very nicely in there, but doesn't last long.


Steve said...

Hey, even I think those bunnies of paper napkins look cool! And Grandpa and his ceramics ... usually with a squirrel painted on somewhere small as his signature!

Linda said...

Hi Sandy I'm with you there. Lets welcome spring early. your rabbits are cute. Linda