Thursday, January 29, 2009

A sad time....

It has been a couple of rough days around my house this week. Our son-in-law, Dave, lost his father the beginning of the week and we just finished 2 days of the funeral. He had been frail and not well and lost his battle to pneumonia. Dave's mother passed away last August, so this sadness was still fresh for him. All of this took place during one of the biggest snowstorms we have had recently going from Tuesday night into most of the day Wednesday.....I did not get any pics of this, but it was a whopper. Driving in this yesterday was not fun....thank goodness for 4 wheel drive and my hubby behind the wheel!
It was a very moving service today by their Pastor....a wonderful speaker! It gave us all hope and faith in the next life that will be ours with our deep believe in the Lord.
Needless to say I haven't done any stitching for several days....will have to remedy that starting tomorrow. I am including a cute picture of our beloved dogs....Barney is the Beagle and Jackson is the Standard Poodle. Jackson is only 6 months old....think he's going to be a big one??

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Linda said...

Hi Sandy I'm sorry to hear about your son-inlaw's Loss. We sure need our friends and family at times like this. Linda