Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Part 3

I have the same kit for the next quilt....thanks I know what the flimsy should look like!

I finished my jelly roll sampler quilt except for the outer border.  Mine is made with Verna by Kate Spain.  I think there is pattern here on what I need to get finished!!  Well, the next pic is a finished flimsy of the sampler.

Mary, our sweet leader on the right and her sidekick, Karen.....doing what we did a lot all weekend!

This last picture was taken on Monday (the day we left to go home) morning.  Merciful had been working on it all weekend and stayed up quite late Sunday to bring it to this!  So darn pretty!

Sorry....thought I had turned it when I downloaded the pic.  
 I won this small bag of stuffing....really neat.  I've never seen any like this before.  Maybe another pincushion?

 Speaking of pincushions, Patty and I think her Mom, made us all "donuts" for our Saturday evening "snack"!!  All we had to do was add the sprinkles.....

 Our final "giftie" from Mary was waiting for us on Sunday morning.  These were made by her aunt with leftovers from her love of rug hooking!!  We all wore them for the day!

 That's it for another year.  So much fun, so quick the time flew by!



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